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Robinson Cárdenas Mora, (Rocard Mo); a Colombian Plastic Artist, with interests in the conceptual currents of contemporary art. His work transcends artistic creation, He has made three-dimensional Works; jobs in which dialogues with real objects by way  a fantastic surrealism. Rocard Mo, has performed more than 80 collective exhibitions,  and twenty-five only exhibitions, his Works have traveled throughout Colombia, Latinoamerica, New York, Miami, Invited Biennale Florence Italy etc.
...Chew while I digest the way the absurd
That is just less.
And it is not divided into, or how, or by how much.
There, where reality is hidden and joins him
Equidistant, matter and fractal,
The antagonistic the trivial and the subrreal in flows
Material  that rhetoric and nickel
The sharp playful philosophy and aesthetics.
Static walking without without the time
Stop when the clock runs out ticking
In the changing world.
The glacial universe is no longer a wall
Invisible if not an unexpected horizon,
Where the shape and spread element
space with his movement and musicality,
and the attenuating surfacing diverse emotions...
Recurrent and overflowing provocation
But never absolute.
Where variants as a whole
at the same time perceptible and imperceptible;
Are my references, between emotions
And the context when created.
I then surround the poetic romanticism
And the dream magic of the unexpected
And the predictable.
I try to deny it, but their nature and mine
They appear to be one.
How close and how far, the black and white,
The all or nothing,
To make way for it not absolute that,
Spread all with their own reality.



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