Top Art and frame - María Alejandra LópezTop Art and frame - María Alejandra López

María Alejandra López

She was born in Caracas Venezuela, land of infinite tonalities and contrasts.

As a child, She was attracted by colors and shapes and  began to paint everything that caught her attention.

“Art has always meant beauty and harmony, it is like a song that can
be seen. Art invites you to feel it, to immerse yourself in it and it leads you to dream about what is happening there. That is the reason why I do not give a name to my work in order for everyone to interpret it in their own way”

With her artwork she seeks to capture dreams and desires, regardless of whether they are people or animals, “We all want something… a joyful and
colorful life (Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring), a touch (The white horse, The Valpincon bather), or an object (the Indian boy with motorcycles or the boy with cars), that's how I see them, but for any observer to also feel that they
belong in those intimate worlds and give them meaning”


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María Alejandra López