Top art and Frame - Perter PolyakTop art and Frame - Perter Polyak

Peter Polyak

Won his first painting contest in kindergarten. Then some years of sport school followed, but at age 11 he started drawing (mostly nudes) in a large volume and soon he had two different art teachers guiding his studies. At age 12 he had his first exhibition.

Peter learned as a graphic designer in art high school, but then continued the art collage as a painter student. In those years he was the youngest apprentice of the old mural painter master, Laszlo Patay. in small groups they finished over 500m2 (5400 sq ft) of brand new paintings in 3 different churches in Hungary.  

The same years Peter finished a music album and had his first song published, he composed, wrote the lyrics, sang and directed the music video for.    

In his twenties he kept learning from the internationally known master painter Matteo Massagrande, and after several exhibitions he moved to Key West, Florida, USA.    

Soon he found his newest master in Dru Blair, master of photorealist airbrush art. Peter has been developing his own way of painting, mixing many tools and methods of art.    

Peter Polyak has been based in Miami since 2017.

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Peter Polyak